The Accelerayt Talent Catalyst

The "Accelerayt Talent Catalyst" is an optimal solution for businesses to start tapping into a reservoir of exceptional developers from Africa's emerging tech hubs without the burdens of traditional hiring processes; expense, inflexibility, the time it takes and the risk of hiring the wrong people. It offers the perfect blend of flexibility, risk mitigation, and efficiency. Here are the benefits:

Our Four Step Process

Step 1

Learning and Discovery

Understand your business needs, skill requirements, and project objectives

RESULT: A custom talent acquisition strategy

Step 2

Talent Sourcing and Vetting

Tap into our talent network and vet shortlisted candidates.

RESULT: A selection of top-tier talent aligned to your needs

Step 3

Risk-Free Trial and Placement

Initiate a 14-day trial period and smoothly integrate successful candidates into your team

RESULT: Risk-free experience and team enhancement

Step 4

Support and Contractual Assurance

Provide consistent support for developers through our own senior developers and handle all contracting procedures.

RESULT: Hassle-free support, developer quality assurance and compliant contracting